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Name:Lucas (Kooly)

[ d e c e a s e d   -   1 0 . 3 1. 0 6. ]

"She's dead. I killed her."


Character Name: Lucas (Kooly)
Class: Bowfighter (prepromoted)
Weapons: Shortbows, swords; shortbows preferred.
Country: Kanemoria
Age:20 21 [would be 222324 25]
Birthdate: May 27, 606 AR
Zodiac: Gemini
Blood Type: O
Family: Father (Rickon), mother (Julietta//deceased)
Language Skills: Trade, Dentorian (fluent), Old Dentorian (average), High Dentorian (average), Korin (below average), Atsirian (average), Hanalan (poor)


Some years ago, there was a boy named Lucas who was the son of a well-known Kanemorian councilor, Rickon. Lucas was bright and anxious to learn, and quickly ascended in his studies, of politics and economics, but mostly of languages. Lucas had a thirst for knowledge and a head for languages, mastering a good number of them with ease. He was close friends with the High Prince, Julian, along with the other councilors' children and nobility of the Kanemorian court.

One day, when he was seventeen, he had a heated argument with his father about his studies, which had been falling lately. The argument did not end well, and Lucas, in a fit of anger, left the palace to take a walk around the city.

That day, he was kidnapped.

The motive of his kidnappers was never really clear to him. Did they want money? Did they want his life? Who was he, that they should care about him, besides the son of a Kanemorian councilor? The questions were never answered, no matter how he questioned his guards or anyone else. He did, however, make friends with one of his guards, and since neither one knew the other's name, they went by their first initials. He was L, and she was S. Their relationship started out innocent -- jokes, friendly talk -- but slowly developed into something much deeper, that both of them knew would never work. They enjoyed it while they could.

S freed him from his capture eventually, giving him a weapon and her name: Shasta. She told him to flee, and flee he did, though he was persued mercilessly. At one point, tired from running and caught off-guard by an attack from behind, he jarred his head hard enough to lose his memories and most of his language skills.

He stumbled into Colndor, covered in dirt and scratches, with a rather large scar hastily stiched together on one side of his head. He was exhausted, collapsing in an alleyway, where he was found by Lark, a street girl and the daughter of a prostitute.

He woke completely devoid of any memories, and tried to explain his situation to the girl, who didn't seem to understand any of what he was saying. Struggling to keep his languages straight, most often not even able to tell the difference between one and the next, he managed to communicate that someone was chasing him and he didn't know where he was, how he'd gotten there, or even who he'd been before. Lark took pity on him, naming him "Kooly" since she found his language skills pretty cool. She took him home with her.

Kooly lived on the streets since Lark found him, making all sorts of mischief with her and Crow, another street rat that had befriended him. But, slowly though it was, his memory began to return to him, and he began to experience more and more "blank-outs": periods of time when he would "lose track" of himself, and come back unsure of what he had just been doing. He brushed the memories off until the ones of Shasta began to revive, and he was kidnapped by her gang yet again. This time, though, even he didn't know who he was, though he was reunited with Shasta, who had been watching out for him for the past few years.

One time freeing him turned into a second, and he left Shasta just upon remembering his own name. The memories came worse after that, as did the "blank-outs," until they culminated when, upon return to Norey months later, Prince Julian introduced Kooly to his father, Councilor Rickon, and the dam began to break.

Months passed, and Lucas' memory returned bit by bit, including his identity -- and Shasta's. The things they had done with one another, told one another, haunted him day after day. And yet he could not seem to break himself of his need to see Shasta and hold her. Always it was one more time, just one more, and he swore that was where it would end.

The night it ended was the night he killed her.

Lucas' identity as a Messenger of Darkness, one of the Dragons' personal soldiers, was discovered by Mydra, the Mistress of Spies. She cornered and killed him on the Night of the Dead, and he died with Shasta's name on his lips.


Lucas is a rather intelligent young man. Unlike Kooly, who was honest and straightforward, Lucas is almost entirely closed-off from the world, preferring to keep things about him private than to divulge them to random strangers. He's confident and self-assured, though he still has an incredible thirst for learning and an odd interest in trivia.

The "blank-outs," now all but gone, are no longer a cause of concern, and nor is the memory loss that he went through over the past three years. He is determined to return his life to what it was before, though after three years of absence, that may be harder than it seems.

Lucas is cold where Kooly was friendly, though Lucas does tend to be much warmer and more open to those that he trusts. Lucas is self-absorbed where Kooly was altruistic, though he retains a chivalrous streak and an odd taste for honor. Lucas is a perfectionist where Kooly was carefree. Lucas is a cynic where Kooly had an almost-unfailing sense of hope. Lucas has no taste for fairy stories and mystical tales, where Kooly had a fascination with anything unknown. Lucas is a thinker where Kooly was a feeler. Lucas is analytical where Kooly was impulsive.

Lucas is not Kooly.


Lucas has messily combed black hair that is cut short, and sharp blue eyes. His skin is very pale, and his build is lanky and tall.


Kooly is played by [info]dots at [info]himitsu_sensou. His PB is Lan from Clover, because the old PB was impossibly obscure.

Interests (14):

archery, books, crow, exploring, festival of pinecones, inadvertant freudian slips, kanemoria, languages, lark, memory, obscure facts, running from bad people, shasta, thinking
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